AFAD President Oktay: 80,000 Syrian children receive education in refugee camps

President of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) Fuat Oktay said that all Syrian girls living in 26 refugee camps set up in 10 different provinces of Turkey attend schools and added the following: "We have 80,000 Syrian students and over 3,000 teachers in refugee camps. The total number of Syrian students getting education all around Turkey is 330,000 and we aim to reach 450,000 by the end of this year." Mr. Oktay also noted that there are 2,750,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey whose biometric registration has been completed.

Stating that Syrian refugees living both in and outside of the camps receive free-health services in Turkey, Mr. Oktay continued as follows: "We have around 1 million of school-aged children living in Turkey.  330,000 school attendees is a big number considering it is way higher than the total number of Syrians living in many European cities itself. On the other hand, it is just one third of the total school aged children. Education is our top priority in order to prevent this situation from turning into a social problem. We aim to provide all Syrian children with education facilities by the end of 2017."