MIKTA Experts Meeting

MIKTA Experts Meeting on Post-World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) Process and Follow-Up of the Commitments was held on 21 April 2017 in Istanbul, in context of Turkey’s MIKTA Chair for 2017. The meeting was chaired by Ambassador Dr. Hasan Ulusoy, Director General for Multilateral Political Affairs.

Turkish officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) participated to the meeting. The meeting was also attended by the experts from Mexico, Indonesia, Korea and Australia as well as the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The meeting is the first event hosted in 2017 by Turkey as the MIKTA Chair.

The participants, regarding the two joint MIKTA commitments and related national commitments made at the WHS, exchanged views both on the present situation on the effective fulfillment of these joint commitments and on future steps to be taken.

At the meeting, participants also explored the possibilities on how to expand the MIKTA engagement into other core responsibilities and processes in the future.

The participants, lastly, discussed the preparations for the 5th Disaster Risk Reduction Global Platform to be held in Cancun, Mexico between 22-26 May, 2017 as well as the MIKTA business side event on disaster risk reduction and the WHS side event.

The MIKTA experts, underlined the importance of the follow up process of the Word Humanitarian Summit and agreed to continue dialogue in this regard.