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The Victims of War: Women and Children
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality

23 May 2016 16:30 - 18:30


We plan to have around 1.15 hr. panel session and there will be a short video demonsration filmed by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to show the situation in Gaziantep and the social service model of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.

There will be six speakers ( Fatma Şahin-Mayor of GMM, Prof.Dr. Beril Dedeoğlu, Ass.Prof.Dr. Sare Aydın- Chairman of KADEM , Muazzez Ersoy-Artisti Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency, Coşkun Aral- Documentary Producer and Prof. Dr. Aşkın ASAN will be moderator. Under the Moderator, 5 or 10 minutes videos will display. Later, the speakers will complete their speeches. Q&A session will follow and at the end it will be completed with the closing speech by the moderator. 

We aim to address the problems related to Women and Children Victims of War who fleed their country because of the war and settled to Turkey (especially Gaziantep).

The policy of Syrian Refugees should be shifted to longer-term planning and development-oriented response (including income, welfare, and employment) a progressive approach should be designed that makes significant progress in tackling both the humanitarian (short term) and developmental (long term) dimensions of the challenge. As Municipality our policy is not only based on short term humanitarian aids but also long term developmental planning.

We will share our regional experiences on
- Municipal Services
- Labor Market and Employment Opportunities
- Education
- Health
- Social Cohesion

By sharing our experiences we aim to create channels for public institutions and municipal authorities to inform international-level organisations for planning and policymaking based on lessons learned, progress, and evolving challenges. We aim to raise awareness on fostering a ‘welcoming culture’ and to counter the anti-migrant and anti-diversity approach of some countries.

The main message of the event will be on stopping the civil war in Syria and to ensure domestic peace. Unless peace takes place and safety ensured any kind of social or economical aids will not be enough for Syrians. We will take attention of the international organisations about this truth. Beside some problems such as education, employment, social integration, health and the approach of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality on these issues will be presented to the participants. 

We try to capture the attention at the international level including UN for Women and Children Victims of War which is the most dramatic issue among the asylum issues that arisen after Syria crisis.