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Turkey's Camp Management System

23 May 2016 10:00 - 12:00


Due to internal turmoil in Syria, the first camp was set in Hatay on 9 June 2011 in consequence of population movements to Turkey started in April 2011. (Altınözü 1) Within this 5-year period, deterioration of political and humanitarian situation in Syria has led to increase of population movement towards Turkey and 26 temporary protection centers established in 10 border provinces  for those people coming from Syria. In accordance with the requirements, experience and expertise of Turkey on camp management has grown with each new camp established. Camps have visited by many national and international organization representatives in this period and it is emphasized every time that these camps are above UN standards.

It is aimed to introduce camps serving with superior quality in Turkey, through this side event. Thus, introduction works of Turkey embracing Syrians with open-door policy and call attention and support of international community for this matter is aimed.

At the end of the side event, information sharing about description of establishment of camps, operation and implementation of Disaster Temporary City Management System, introduction of services in camps, UN comments about camps in Turkey and position of Syrians in camp management is planned.